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Moving Forward: complete support for relocating seniors. Based in Cambridge Ontario Moving Forward works with seniors and their families to de-clutter the family home and ensure that it is in a state of good repair, prior to selling or moving.

safety and manageability
Moving Forward works with you to achieve your goal of aging at home. We remove clutter to simplify and organize your home, creating a living environment that is both manageable and safe.

We reduce the risk of falls by ensuring that items used in daily living are easily accessible, doorways remain free of obstacles, floors are clear of tripping hazards and lighting is adequate in all areas of the home.

Our goal is to ensure that each room functions efficiently while you continue to be surrounded by the things you love.

As time goes by, more adjustments may be required to accommodate changes in mobility, and physical wellness.

clients with dementia
Through regular attendance at gerontology workshops and seminars, Moving Forward’s owner, Debby Fox, has become familiar with the symptoms and behaviours associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Because of her experience and sensitivity, Moving Forward receives referrals from the Alzheimer Society and other Community Support Services working with clients who struggle with cognition.

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