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Moving Forward: hoarding syndrome help and move management services. Based in Cobourg Ontario Moving Forward specializes in move management for homeowners. Whether you're expanding to larger quarters or downsizing out of your current space, Moving Forward can help.

how we help
Once you reach the decision to downsize, the amount of work required to get from where you are, to where you want to be, may seem insurmountable. Moving Forward works with you, lending our ears, our hands and hearts to this later-life relocation.

preparing to sell
Any realtor will advise you that prospective buyers are distracted by cluttered walls and surfaces, put off by closets that are overly full and disorganized; rooms with too much furniture look small and cramped.

Moving Forward starts in the main rooms but we don’t stop there; the closets, cupboards, basement, storage rooms, garage and shed are simplified and reorganized. While we de-clutter, we are sorting and packing non-essential items for your eventual move. Some packed boxes will go with you to your new home; other items may go to family or friends, charitable organizations or for disposal. Packing while de-cluttering saves time and money and moves you one big step forward in your relocation process.

Moving Forward prepares your home to show to best advantage. A simple, clean, efficient home is one that holds tremendous appeal for a potential buyer, maximizing the money to be made from your greatest financial asset.

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