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simplify and modify

The ability to live independently in your own home can be prolonged through de-cluttering, simplification and minor modification. As mobility becomes more difficult, there may be need for a cane, a walker or other assisted device requiring clear doorways, unobstructed floors and simple modifications to bathrooms and bedrooms.

It is important that closets and cupboards are reorganized so that every day needs are within easy reach. Clutter is hazardous and increases the risk of a fall. Night lights in hallways, removal of scatter mats and other simple strategies are quickly implemented to improve safety and manageability. Let us help you remain independent.

Change is stressful. De-cluttering is made more difficult when many items hold the treasured memories of a lifetime. We assist you in making decisions about where your excess household contents will go. We're here to help you work through the most common stumbling blocks:

  1. I may need that some day
  2. This must be worth something
  3. It reminds me of that person, place, time or event that meant so much to me
  4. I’m saving this for my children


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